Minimal Menu is the ideal tool for restaurants, bars and cafes. Create your digital menu in a few minutes and generate your QR Code to offer your customers secure and intuitive access

Why use Minimal Menu?

  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited product number
  • Works on any smartphone
  • Easy update
  • Personal Webpage
  • Customization
  • QR Code Generator
  • Your own identity
  • Unlimited visitors
  • No hidden fees
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A simple QR Code to scan for your customer. A simple interface to create and update your menu for you.

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Why use Minimal Menu?

In the current public health context, hospitality professionals must make sure that social distancing guidelines are respected as much as possible. In this context, allowing customers to access your menu in a contactless way has become a priority! Our service will help you set up an intuitive, simple and flexible digital menu.

Sell more

By being able to consult your menu at any time, your customers will be more inclined to order your products

Easy update

Need to change your menu frequently? Our service will allow you to change your offer in no time!


Physical menus go from hand to hand, conducive to the transmission of viruses, with Minimal Menu, your customers avoid touching the microbes of others.


No need to reprint menus at each menu change, offer your customers up-to-date information without sacrificing trees.


For your customers

By scanning your QRCode on their smartphone, the customer can access your Minimal Menu on the web without having to install any applications.

Your Minimal Menu will have its own unique identity that reflects your establishment. You can include appealing visuals and descriptions that can be personalized at any time.

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For you

Thanks to a simple interface, modify your menu from your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever you need.

Print your QR Codes and display them in your establishment for customers quick and easy access to your Minimal Menu.

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Our talented customers

Get inspired to create your own Minimal Menu by looking through these examples from our talented customers!

Brasserie Chez Jules

Brasserie Chez Jules

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